Full week 29.04.12

What a full week it has been with training, work and home.

  1. Family arrived from Kalgoorlie
  2. New Garmin 910xt
  3. In promptu West Brook Winery lesson

1. Family arrive

Awesome to see the Carruths back in New Zealand, all be it briefly.  I haven’t seen their faces for a few months since they moved to the other side of Australia and they are looking fantastic.

Zien and Ahanu seem to be growing way too qucikly and Kezia is getting cuter every time we see her and I seem to have missed the full house a little.  (I know, not like me, right?)  Daena and Sid are rocking along really well and still make me feel so wholesome to see how they are bringing their family up.  Thank you guys.  (I wont write too much about them here because my faceook will be full of the Carruths soon)

2. Garmin Forerunner 910xt


What a unit!  I have only had a chance to use it on a couple of training sessions so far but am really impressed with all the data it has given me. (picture courtesy of www.dcrainmaker.com)

If you are into triathlon you need to try this piece of equipment out. 

  • Run against a virtual partner
  • Track your altitude, heart rate, speed on a bike ride then upload to strava or garmin connect
  • Swim in a pool and have you distance measured due to accelorometer in the watch.

Check out the full review on DC Rainmaker web site.  (really in depth review)

3. West Brook Winery

Always great to get back into a winery and have a bit of a tasting in amongst the barrels.  I haven’t been getting up to winerys for a while due to work commitments and the fact that Nina and I haven’t got any transport at the moment.

It was awesome to see James (the ‘grizzly bear’ winemaker) again and hear his passion for making good wine.  I must admit I am a litte envious of his job,

  • having to taste wines twice a day
  • having to judge some other wine makers wines (top stuff too)
  • putting your own stamp on a wine’s flavour.

This is a younger version of James before he became the ‘grizzly bear’ he is today.

What an awesome week.

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