Great coffee experience

Wow!  Two days out of work and I have already been inspired to write about work.  This is worth it though.

Boxing Day morning I went out with my triathlon club for our annual boxing day swim followed by breakfast and coffee in Mission Bay.

The place we tried this year was Bar Comida  and what a pleasant surprise.

First I noticed that they served Vittoria coffee (same as us at The Falls) before spotting the rest of my group gathered around a table in the corner.  (18 of us in total)

Before I carry on, I need to let you know that a table of 18 people walking in off the street is massive for a restaurant to deal with.  First you need to get the tables together, put water down, make menus available (which are normally spread around the rest of your customers in the restaurant) take the order for 18 people which sends the kitchen into a frenzy and then get 18 coffees to the table in a reasonable amount of time whilst still trying to keep the rest of your customers happy.  The point is, it is not easy to deal with that many people without a booking.

Soon after I arrived the food started to arrive at the table, which could only have been 8-10minutes after the order was taken, all hot and eggs all cooked beautifully, runny but not raw.   After seeing this I placed my order really quickly or I would have been drinking by myself at the speed everything came out. 

“double shot flat white in a Tulip Cup”  I asked with strange looks from the rest of the table.

The waiter needed clarification and a minute later showed me 2 cups to choose from.  After choosing the tulip cup he quickly went to sorting my coffee out.

My coffee arrived shortly after ordering (before most others, much to the annoyance of my friends J) and what a beautiful full flavoured coffee it was.  Not too bitter but enough bite to tell me it was a double shot, smooth crema still intact on top and warm enough to sit on for a few minutes but not so hot it burns your lips when you try to take a sip.

At this point I decided to have the big breakfast (to refuel after a hard swim…… Yeah right!) A few minutes later a full plate with poached eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato, mushroom and toast arrived much to my delight.  Another coffee was in order “same again please?”  Another coffee arrived a few minutes later with that same great full flavour and crema to die for.

The breakfast was great and cleared a few minutes later.

The only complaint from the day was that the larger coffees took a quite some time to arrive at the table and this I can understand as it can be hard when everyone in the group orders bowl latte.

The experience I had on Saturday was enough for me to write this review, but wait, there is more.  On Sunday I left home at 9am for my bike ride into Mission Bay to meet up with the rest of the club members riding on Sunday.  The others arrived in Mission bay,  took a seat at Bar Comida and I joined them a few minutes later.  Soon after I sat down I looked around for someone to order my coffee from and the waiter from the day before was standing beside me.  “I’ll have…”  “Double shot flat white in a Long Black cup” he said. 

Now… not only was I shocked but the rest of the group ‘s jaws dropped as well.  That is service for you.

Maybe it’s just that I have a very funny order that sticks in a waiters brain but remembering my coffee really impressed me and made me feel really special for the rest of the morning, even when I was being punished on all the hills all the way home.

Thank you Bar Comida for a very pleasurable experience and I will be back.

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