Movember day 3

 I have enjoyed the reaction from colleagues, regular customers and friends.  Some of the feedback is good, some not as complimentary.

                “You look so much younger”

                “what a difference”

                “Didn’t even recognise you”

                “Makes you look thinner”  or “makes you look fatter”  (thanks for that and don’t hold back to spare my feelings or anything)

Download now or watch on posterous (1514 KB)

The response from Twitter and Face book has also prompted me to post early.  Thank you to all of you who have re-tweeted, asked for support and generally spread the word of Movember.

@nessliddell: ‘RT @alanparry: Start of Movember <—I am so donating!! Wow Alan, you look different. Does Nina recognize you??’

@SamiiSykes: ‘@alanparry you look so much younger and better without the beard I think, so at the end of Movember shave it off again?’

@JessCann: ‘OMG YOU’RE UNRECOGNISABLE! RT @alanparry: Start of Movember

@Wendywings: ‘RT @alanparry: Start of Movember WHOA where did Alan go ?’

@nessliddell: ‘@alanparry Yes, i can imagine. I find it odd seeing you without your beard. It’s like 2 different personalities.’

There are more and I thank all of you for your feedback.

One more thing that really hit me on the first day was the cold.  I hear you laugh but it is true.  The patch on my face that was covered in hair now gets chilled every time I walk in the wind, in the fridge at work and past an open window.  I really feel for those sheep we used to sheer in Scotland at the start of spring because even at the start of spring Scotland isn’t the warmest of places in the world and losing you wool really makes a massive difference. (poor sheep)

I think the next update will be around day 15 when it is time to vote on my Mo!  I really want 5 mos but think I might struggle a little.  As you can see in the video, I have started to develop a 5 0’clock shadow.  I hear you say “well that’s alright”  Yes, it’s ok if it was filmed at 5pm on day one but NO, it was filmed at 5pm on day 3. 

I think I might be in trouble.

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