Start of Movember

Sunday night sitting at a table with @nessliddell @dharmeshnanu 

@courtneysit @jesscann at @thefallsnz I boldly stated that I was going 

to get involved in Movember.

"you already have a beard" came a comment.

"I know, I am going to shave it off and start again."

"Ooh Ooh you could shave half off and take a pic"

Giggle we did;-)

So, Monday night (a couple days late I know but at least I am in the 

game now) I decided to shave the beard I have become so attached to 

over the last 2 years.

What a mess it all makes but the cause is worth it.

Movember (replacing the month of November) is there to raise awareness mens health issues such as prostate cancer and male depression. (more information)

After knowing regular customers who have dealt with prostate cancer among other cancers I am compelled to support and raise awareness anyway I can.

If you are the same as me and would like to show support, you can by

            Donating to my movember mospace

            Joining the cause and grow your own mo

            Re tweeting this post or

spreading the word any way you can.

Over the next month I am going to be writing about my experience and experiments with my MO.

I hope you enjoy my journey and help spread the word about mens health issues.

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