First Blog Ever.

“Welcome to This is your first post!
“Thank you very much WordPress!”
Thank you for welcoming me to the blogging world. I have been using Twitter for over a year now and am capable with micro-blabbing as @thefallsnz and @alanparry, I have also been a facebooker for a while and do enjoy getting in touch with old mates, using it as a marketing tool for my restaurant and hoping to use it to make money for charity very soon (watch this space).
After speaking with a few of the Auckland Tweeps at our last tweetup I started to pluck up the courage to put my thoughts down on keyboard, so here we go. (I am not going to apologize for my grammar or iPhones spell check so deal with it)


Today was Monday. Like any other Monday I woke up at 6.30am to be at work for 7 for my first coffee and deal with the aftermath of our busy weekend. Arriving at work at our normal 7.10am (always late) my first ‘thankyou’ was to all the other staff with cars who left our space free for us to pull into. This helps with advertising (car is sign written) and just makes our lives a little easier.  Into work another ‘thankyou’ must go to all the staff again for the most cheery Monday morning attitude I have seen in a long time.

Lovely Flat White by Dana

Lovely Flat White by Dana

Coffee is put in front of me 2 minutes after I walk in the door (double shot flat white for those coffee lovers, I haven’t quite been promoted to espresso yet) ‘thankyou’ 10 minutes spent upstairs with business partners passing stories about the 80people served on Saturday night and the fact that ‘Moby’ (loving nickname of a regular) managed to spend 600 bucks on a table of 4.

Then laptop open and check the emails I didn’t get a chance to check over the weekend. (yeah right). 30 minutes spent checking Twitter and Facebook and 30 minutes trying to catch up on stories that had been missed in the 5 hours I had been asleep and not managed to pick up the phone and check the tweets. (also being interrupted by the morning take away coffee girls ‘thankyou’ for the early morning banter, you know who you are) THEN the work started (another double flat white arrived ‘thankyou’).
1 hour into my computer slog (yes slog) Dana has managed to deep clean the coffee machine, the fridges, sugar bowls and refill the salts and peppers, ‘thankyou’ you little dynamo. 10.30am and we decide it’s time to start filming Episode 2 of Coffee with The Falls. Heads a bit fuzzy for some reason so 3 takes to get it right. ‘thankyou’ to Dana for filming, ‘thankyou’ to The Chef (my wife) for not bursting out laughing in take 2 when I tried to make sound effect of gurgling, to no avail and ‘thankyou’ to lady and her son for clapping at the end of take 3, it made me feel really special.


Uploading done to 6 sites within an hour ‘thankyou’ tubemogul for making my life so easy and ‘thankyou’ @thewinevault Jayson Bryant for introducing me to it.
Lunch was a quiet affair today, Mondays can be like that, feast or famine but ‘thankyou’ to those who decided to brave the gale-force winds to get to The Falls.

Fast forward to run time, target was 30km in 3 hours and Johnathan, a great hand in the kitchen and a good pacer for me on the run, set off onto our journey.  (yes, a journey)  7km in I have to say ‘thankyou’ to the two young girls who made us wave and smile at them.  Whether you want to smile or not just the act itself seems to make you want to in the end, especially when you are only one third way through the longest run of your life. 

Kilometre 12 and ‘thankyou’ to Cliff from our triathlon club for the drink of water given to my running partner who’s mouth was starting to feel like 10mm thick underlay in a house that hadn’t been vacuumed in 10 years.  17km ‘thankyou’ goes to the 3 young rugby players struggling to jog up Don Buck Hill in Massey, you made me realise that my legs didn’t hurt as much as the pain on your faces.  25km ‘thankyou’ to someone else from the club that waved with a ‘HI’ (sorry all you got in return was a grunt but it was all I could muster) 27km ‘thankyou’, to the lady taking out the rubbish, for reminding me that it needed to be done before bedtime.  Finish, ‘thankyou’ to my lazy-boy for not catching me and my ransacked body at the end of a running adventure.

NO’thankyou’ to the ice bath that made man things shrivel enough to scare the crap out of any human being, I am glad my wife wasn’t around to see the indignity of it all. (I am sure I will ‘thank’ the bath the next day)  ‘Thankyou’ to the lovely HOT bath I had after my stretching which made me realise how lucky I am to have a bath after living for 7 years in a tiny flat in London with a poky little shower and toilet for a bathroom.

The last main ‘thankyou’ should really go to my wife for picking up the best foot-long subway I have ever had, some combination of chicken, sauce, lettuces on Honey bread. NomNom!!  I managed to polish that off as well as the other half of her Vegetarian (monstrosity) foot long Sub.

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t go for these soppy forward emails “pass this to 10 of your friends to show you care” bull****, I always delete any forwards that try to tell me I’m a great human being with a beautiful mind as well as the compulsive need for someone to try sell me a bigger man piece (maybe I could have done with that in the icebath)  BUT!!  As I was running my mind kept wondering to all the people who complain about their lives, who incessently try to tell me that everything is against them, that they will never be able to get out of the situation they are in.  (bull, we choose our own making)  I work my butt off 7 days a week for anywhere up to 18 hours per day, I don’t get to spend quality time with my wife, my lawns are creeping up to a foot high and, being a restaurant owner you would think I was rich, I’m not. 

Look at all the things I found to be thankful for!!


4 thoughts on “First Blog Ever.

  1. Nessliddell

    Yay your first blog! You have done really well especially with photos and a video. Look forward to the next installment.

    I am new to blogging as well, and I am enjoying it actually. Interesting having your thoughts out there in a very public forum.



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